Required meetings ongoing in guidance

Since the start of January, guidance counselors have been meeting with individual students to help ensure they are on the right path to achieve graduation requirements and to assist with college plans.  The required meetings also must include the presence of a parent or guardian.

“It’s a district policy all the students have to have a meeting with their guidance counselors to determine if the student is on the right track, including what the student needs to graduate, and go over the PSAT and the PLAN scores to start talking about colleges, and the importance of sport and club activities to make a well-rounded student. These things also determine what classes the student will be signing up for in the next couple of weeks.”

Sophomore Andrew Hung said he is thankful for the meetings.

“In my opinion the meeting keep me aware of what classes I should be taking for the career path I would like to go into and areas that I need to improve on so I can be a more appealing student for colleges to want,” Hung said.

To set up a appointment, students should call or visit the guidance office or front desk.

By Stone Kershaw