Recycling canceled on campus

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

Recycling bins were removed from classrooms last week due to the recycling program being canceled at the school.

“The recycling company took the dumpster that was behind the cafeteria away because they couldn’t make enough money off of us,” Advanced Placement Environmental Science teacher Paula Ladd said. “We only produced eight tons of paper a year, and I guess that wasn’t enough for them.”

AP Environmental Science students interested in receiving extra credit can create slide shows about environmental current events or past issues.

“I’m really going to miss recycling after school for extra credit,” AP Environmental Science student Jerald Lukose said. “You could get up to 20 points a month, and it really helped with boosting your grade.”

Each slideshow made by a students can earn up to 10 points depending on quality.

“I’m really bummed,” Ladd said. “It pains me to see all this paper being thrown away.”