Quill and Scroll hold first-ever induction

The first ever Quill and Scroll Induction in West Shore history was held on April 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.

“ I am gratified that after nine years of teaching at West Shore, we can finally have an official Quill and Scroll induction. I am grateful to all the parents that showed up,” club sponsor Mark Schledorn said.

During the induction, each Quill and Scroll member recited the official pledge. In total, 15 Quill and Scroll members were inducted into the club. There was also a candle-lighting ceremony, and each member received a customized pin and a graduation cord. Schledorn says he plans to make the induction bigger by inviting a keynote speaker for the professional media.

Senior Quill and Scroll member Christina Baylen says the timing of the induction was unusual.

“In think its kind of late to have an induction, but since its the first induction, they kind of have to make it official,” she said.

By Krunal Patel