Quarantine sidelines senior soccer players

Twenty students have been sent home to quarantine for two weeks due to exposure to COVID-19 according to Brevard Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard.  This has presented challenges for senior Kira Anzalone, who plays on the varsity soccer team.

“My main struggle is having to do AP art from home,” she said. “I had to have my sister get all my materials from my art class because I will be doing all my art from home and then I will have to transfer it back when my quarantine is up.”

Senior Brooke Rentschler, who also plays soccer, said she is enjoying the break from in-person school.

“I got a chance to experience e-learning and although I miss my friends and teachers,  I actually enjoy it,” she said. “I have an increased amount of free time and I also save a lot of money from gas, which is a bonus.”

In addition to missing school, the two seniors are also missing part of the soccer season. They are not allowed to return to practices and games until they are allowed to return  to school.

“This is going to set back any growth I wished to achieve with the team and has also caused our Senior Night to be pushed to a later date,” Anzalone said.

By Lauren Mannix