QB sisters to decide it on the field

Scarlett Callahan, Staff Writer

Siblings are bound to be competitive for academics, awards and leadership postions at West Shore, but football? Senior Jackie Sherry and junior Christine Sherry  prepare to  struggle for the win against eachother at the annual Powderpuff game tonight.

“Playing against Jackie just makes me more determined to win,” Christine said. “Obviously, I expect the juniors to come out on top.”

Both girls are playing as quarterback, the most essential position on the team.

“Whenever Christine says that the juniors will win, I tell her she needs psychiatric help,” Jackie said. “Competing with her is fun because we know how to get under each others skin.”

Saving it for the field is not a rule the Sherrys live by, the smack-talking and arguing has created what Christine described as “a house divided.”

“Jackie and I both try to convince our brother Tom to give us pointers, and we fight over who gets his help, since his position in football is quarterback,” Christine said.

The annual event puts stress on family members as well as the sisters.

“Our parents hate it because were always talking smack to each other,” Jackie said. “They also don’t know who to root for.”

Powderpuff will be held on the north field at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are being sold in advance in the cafeteria for $2 and will be $3 at the game.