PSAT makeup scheduled for Jan. 26

Students who missed last month’s on-campus administration of the PSAT will have the opportunity to take a make-up administration Jan. 26.

“Some students missed [the PSAT] due to COVID-19 issues,” school testing coordinator Mike Drake said.

Drake also said students who’ve already taken the test this year will not be allowed to take it again.

“The PSAT is the National Merit Scholar qualifying test and can only be taken once each school year,” Drake said.

Freshman Elizabeth Callahan said she understands why the test is being held again and why it can’t be taken again.

“I feel like it’s reasonable that they will give the test again for people who missed it,” Callahan said. “For the people who have taken it, I feel like there isn’t a win or a loss to that because they already had the chance to try their best.”

Sophomore Adalynn Jacobson agreed.

“I feel that students who were not able to test should be given the chance to,” Jacobson said. “As for [students who’ve already taken the PSAT], this test is practice for the SAT, it doesn’t count for or against you and your score is not really a big deal.”

By Erin Kohler