Prom tickets on sale in cafeteria

Joey Crown, Staff Writer

Prom tickets officially went on sale this week in the cafeteria, and will be on sale for the rest of next week. The cost is $50 for juniors and $30 for seniors, who receive a reduced rate  because Senior Class sponsor Luis Martin set aside $20 for every student in order to alleviate the cost.

“I’m going with someone from Melbourne High because it’s too expensive to expect the boy to just buy the ticket,”  junior Abby Kawa said.

While some students have expressed concern about the cost of the tickets, junior Vinny Guglietta has set those worries aside.

“It’s my civil duty to buy my date a ticket,” he said.

The Junior/Senior Prom will take place at the King Center on April 13 starting at 7:30 p.m.