Prom heads to the woods

Prom is set for Saturday at the Viera Holiday Inn from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. The theme for prom will be an enchanted forest.

“This prom is going to be a great one,” senior Nick Pekmezian said. “It’s disappointing knowing this will be my last West Shore dance, but I’m ready to put it all out on the [dance] floor.”

The juniors also are ready as they approach their first formal dance.

“I’m excited to experience my first Prom,” junior Khalil Paul said. “Breaking it down with some of the seniors is probably what I look forward to most. I’ve got a few moves in store for them.”

Tickets are still on sale between the pavilion and building 3 during lunch time. They are $40 for seniors and $50 for juniors.

By Armando Santamaria