Problem-solvers go international

Valerie Ferretti, Staff Writer

The school’s Future Problem Solvers team will travel to Indiana to compete on an International level June 6-9. The team, consisting of senior Kaylee McCormick, freshman Srimayi Tenali, sophomore Megan Turingan, and junior Ilana Krause will participate in an array of competitions with students from around the world.

“We have awesome problem-solvers,” club sponsor Kathy Thayer said. “We’ve gone to the internationals every year since 2003, and every year we gain more experience.”

A total of 26 countries and 50 states will be represented at the University of Indiana to partake in contests that focus on current issues and social problems. One of the competitions, the multifoliate, requires students to work with a team of three other competitors from various countries.

“It’s very difficult to work with students from other countries because there is a language barrier,” Thayer said. “One person has to write the paper for the contest and it ends up being the English-speaker every time.”

With numerous months of training, Krause is optimistic that the team will gain more knowledge for future victories.

“Hopefully, we’ll win something. That’s obviously our main goal,” Krause said. “But if not, it’s a good learning experience as we improve each time.”

Turingan also has high expectations for the international-level event.

“This year is my first time going to the FPS competition, so it will be interesting to see what it’s actually like,” Turingan said.

However, expectations don’t always match reality.

“Many people don’t expect it, but the event is very social,” Thayer said. “A lot of fun and worth the $10,000 of fundraising.”