Preseason lacrosse conditioning begins

Nicholas Baker, Staff Writer

While the lacrosse season doesn’t officially get under way until February, the team’s optional player-led conditioning already has begun. Practices currently have been scheduled for every Friday after school until 5:30 p.m., but that schedule is subject to change.

Coach Steve Otten will occasionally be helping players condition during non-stick practices, but under Florida High School Athletics Association rules, he may not be present during preseason conditioning if players are practicing with sticks. No coaches will be involved on days when stick skills will be practiced.

The practices will be led by junior Ryan Bellone and senior Ethan Miles.

“We’re trying to get new players out here,” Bellone said. “We want to get them comfortable with their stick skills and to get down the basics.”

Eighth-grader Austin O. expressed enthusiasm for the coming season.

“I love the sport,” he said. “ I hope the conditioning can help me score at least five goals this season.”