Powerlifters return to gym after storm

The powerlifting team prepared for the possibility of Hurricane Matthew on Oct.7 by rearranging the Lake Washington gym where it trains.

“Well basically we just moved all the equipment away from the walls just in case any leaks occurred and basically just battened down the hatches because it’s warehouse, so really there are no windows or anything,” Coach Spero Tshontikidis said. “We were just hoping that the roof didn’t leak.”

During the days the gym was closed, lifters had a tough time trying to train.

“I didn’t get to train while the gym was closed, but Spero did open up the gym as soon as he could, ” sophomore Valery Linkenhoker said.

The gym re-opened for business on Monday, and the lifters are settling back into a routine.

“The gym turned out fine during the storm,” Tshontikidis said. “Luckily really nobody in the community had any major damage. We live right on the beach, and it didn’t do anything. We are very blessed.”

By Michael Lucente