Powderpuff conflicts with swim meet

By Emily Dubec-Hunter, Staff Writer

On Thursday, the girls’ swim team’s toughest meet of the season fell on the same day Powderpuff. On top of this, the meet was delayed because of thunderstorms, leaving some juniors to face the decision of staying at the meet, or leaving early.

“I’m upset because I was put into the last event, the 400 Free Relay,” team captain Rosalie Heninger said. “I thought we would be able to get through the meet quickly and then leave early, but now with the delays and being in the last event we may not be able to.”

Some students skipped the meet altogether after hearing the lightning alarms go off at school. After the meet was delayed for half an hour, some of the remaining swimmers were unsure whether they would stay or not.

“I’m not really certain at this point,” said junior Bridget Lee before the meet. “Depending on how fast we get into this pool and how fast the meet gets going, I may or may not stay.”

All the swimmers ended up staying until the last event, but were late to Powderpuff as a consequence. Junior Elena Abascal said she felt “punished” for trying to do both activities.

“I’ve had a commitment for both swimming and Powderpuff,” she said. “But I’ve definitely held strong for my commitment for swimming, and I just wanted a break for Powderpuff. Now I’m just really upset because I feel punished for trying to do something for school.”

Originally, there was no conflict between the two events, but because of trouble booking the Melbourne Auditorium for Homecoming, Powderpuff’s date was changed.

“Coach said that he planned for us not to have a meet during Powderpuff, but then everything got rescheduled because of Homecoming” Heninger said. “So then Powderpuff got rescheduled, on the week of our hardest meet.”

The team went against their District Championships rival, Linkin Park Academy, who it beat last year by one point, winning second place at Districts.

“If we beat them at this meet we have a chance at going undefeated again this year,” sophomore Kayla Stevens said. “I’m really glad they didn’t leave the meet early.”