Performance task questions removed from FCAT

Students will no longer be required to answer written response questions, or performance tasks on the FCAT as a result of the new updated version, FCAT 2.0 and on Florida End-of-Course Assessments.

“Performance tasks weren’t removed from the reading assessments, rather, they were not included in the new test design FCAT 2.0,” said Judy Kent, program specialist for the Office of Assessment in Florida Department of Education.

Following the removal of performance tasks on the Science FCAT in the spring of 2010, performance tasks are not included in any of the assessments in FCAT 2.0 because of budget cuts.

“This elimination of performance tasks will, [also] allow a more rapid turn-around time for reporting and an easier transition to computer-based tests,” said Commissioner of Education Eric Smith said.

Students and teachers now spend more time preparing for multiple choice instead of practicing writing for performance tasks.

“I don’t particularly like them,” sophomore Sanju Vardhan said. “Its really hard to express your point of view and your opinion. It’s kind of a waste of time.”
By Addie Steele