Parents asked to stop driving on lawn at Suntree bus stop

Parking issues have arisen at the Hope Episcopal Church bus stop in Suntree, causing an inconvenience for both parents and students.

“The problem is people who drop off or pick up [the students] are driving on the grass,” said Jim Melia, assistant principal of facilities. “The pastor would like them to stay on the pavement.”

Hope Episcopal Church has a grass parking lot with a small car loop. For several years, West Shore has used the site as a bus stop to serve Suntree/Viera residents, and has had no problems. Despite the new conflict, the bus stop will remain at the same location.

“At this point, the bus stop will not change,” Melia said. “However, if people keep driving on the grass, then the grass gets ruined, and the church will ask us to leave.”

Melia has sent out a phone message to homes regarding the issue, and a representative from the Brevard School District’s transportation department talked to parents who were parking on the grass. But many parents are unhappy with the changes.

“I don’t think it’s safe for the students getting on and off the bus, especially at the end of the day when you cannot park to wait for your child to walk over to the car,” said Laura Brusca, who has two children riding the bus.

Brusca says there are places in the area would make a more suitable bus stop than Hope Episcopal, such as the public library and churches on the other side of Wickham.

“I think a new location is necessary,” Brusca said, “a location that accommodates all the vehicles to be able to park in the morning and afternoon, that is safe for all the students.”

By Felicia Solazzo.