Painting ceiling tiles no longer permitted

Seniors will no longer be allowed to continue the tradition of painting a ceiling tiles due to fire code issue, according to a memo from Principal Rick Fleming that is addressed to the faculty.

“You may or may not recall back when [former Assistant Principal Jim] Melia was with us, he interfaced with some facility and fire inspector folks that said the practice was forbidden due to the chemicals in paints,” Fleming wrote in an email. “Besides looking a bit gaudy, they are against our fire code and could land us in some trouble. With these factors in mind, I am going to ask that we basically exempt or grandfather any existing  tiles but cease and desist allowing any new ones.”

Senior Malik Richardson disagrees with the decision.

“Even though I understand the safety precautions taken by the fire department,” Richardson said, “in my opinion, the likelihood of a fire is very low and this kills creativity and any final goodbyes to our favorite teachers.”

By Maddie McCluskey