Orchestra and band travel to Disney

Members of the Symphonic Orchestra and Wind Ensemble traveled to Disney’s Epcot last Friday to attend a sight reading workshop and enjoy the park.

“Overall, my experience at the Disney Workshop was both intriguing and entertaining,” cellist Samuel Mikhail said. “It helped me realize how much true dedication and perseverance it takes to become a professional musician.”

The students sight-read various Disney pieces, including “It’s a Small World” and “Tale as Old as Time” from “Beauty and the Beast.”

“[The Teachers] were able to sit in the room while the student played,” orchestra director Maureen Fallon said. “We didn’t conduct or help the orchestra, but there was clinician there [who helped].”

The students recorded a piece of music from “Aladdin” to conclude their workshop

“The hardest part of the workshop was the fact that the group only had a few minutes to practice their music before recording a final copy,” Mikhail said.

A total of 89 students attended the field trip.

By Jonah Hinebaugh