Opinions on the cancellation of the FSA

Kairi Ramos

While many students where delighted to hear that Gov. Ron Desantis plans to end the FSA, teacher reactions have been mixed.

“I’m not a huge fan of the pressure it [FSA] puts on students.” English teacher David Thompson said. “I’m not sure how beneficial it’s been besides just getting an idea throughout an entire state of how students are. I don’t know if it actually is the right answer. These things change too often in my opinion.”

Math teacher Annie Nery agrees that the FSA puts a lot of pressure on students.

“It’s [FSA] a good way to measure how much a student has learned throughout the year and how much a teacher has taught,” she said “[Getting rid of the FSA] lessens the stress so in that way it’s a good thing, but I worry about accountability. How will we know whether a teacher has taught everything?”

The FSA cancellation timeline has yet to be announced along with what’s going to replace it.

“At some point we need to kind of figure out what we all want to do collectively and stick to it,” Thompson said.

By Kairi Ramos