‘Old Hollywood’ dance a hit with middle-schoolers


Kristina Youngson

Middle-schoolers share a dance in the cafeteria Oct. 10.

The middle school fall dance was held in the West Shore cafeteria Oct. 10, and Middle School SGA vice president Lydia H. said attendees seemed to enjoy the “Old Hollywood” theme.

“The simple yet classy theme made it really easy to please the students, and I don’t think we could have gone wrong,” she said.

Eighth-grader Hannah K. said SGA had set the bar high.

“We all as a whole, put a lot of preparation into this dance because we wanted to make it more special than past years,” she said. “I know my friends and I had a blast and we’re looking forward to the next.”

SGA plans to explore the possibility of another middle school dance this year.

“As far as funding goes, the ticket sales are what support us but we are trying to think of other ways to bring in money in order to finance the upcoming dance which is to be announced,” Lydia said.

By: Kathryn Etherton