Offshore cyclone sends Florida a huge swell

A large cyclone off the coast of the northeastern United States has been sending a large swell to south Florida this past week and into the weekend with parts of it hitting Brevard County as well. Local surfers are hoping that the forecasted swell for this weekend does not disappoint.

“I’m planning on surfing either at the Radisson or at my local beach access (Spessard Holland) on Sunday around 2,” Ryan Witteman (10) said. “Hopefully the winds will cooperate and go offshore because there is supposed to be solid sized surf all weekend.”

The conditions forecasted for this Saturday and Sunday have set high expectations for many Brevard County surfers.

“I’m super-excited that the surf is picking back up again,” senior Sam Havkin said. “There might be some light cross-shore winds but that shouldn’t chop it up too much. I’m looking forward to a few fun sessions this weekend.”

This may be the last significant run of waves that Melbourne and the rest of Brevard has for a while, so there will most likely be many surfers out in the water this weekend.

By Ethan Wilder