Offset releases video for ‘Clout’

 Offset released the music video for “Clout,” a song featuring Cardi B last week. The song also can be found on the album “Father of 4” released in February.

“The music video looked nice with all the outfits,” senior Reinaldo Alers said. “Cardi’s outfits were something else, though.”

Within a week, the music video received more than 38 million views on YouTube.

“The music video has good effects,” West Shore alumnus Jacob Zeno said. “But [it] clearly only serves on purpose, which is to look at Cardi B’s body.”

Cardi B’s feature shows her rapping a verse in the song while switching between two skin-tight, revealing leather outfits.

“Cardi’s feature in this song made the song better since she actually rapped instead of talking in auto-tune,” Alers said.

Zeno agreed saying this song wasn’t considered rap.

“I enjoy rap because it says something: a story, feeling, struggle,” Zeno said. “But that’s obviously not what this song is.”

By Victoria Skaggs