Note left on car leads to warning

Students have been passing notes in class as long as there have been schools, but recently an anonymous note placed by a senior on an underclassmen’s vehicle in the student parking lot caught School Resource Officer Charles Landmesser’s attention. The note’s content were interrupted to be a threat.

“At first there were a few playful notes, but the joke was taken too far and is unacceptable,” senior Sierra Purden said.

Senior Class representatives posted a warning on Facebook and spread the word verbally at Landmesser’s request.

“The problem has resolved so far, and the Senior Class handled the situation very well,” Landmesser said. “It has happened before where notes have been left on cars, but they were harmless and the conflicts have resolved themselves.”

Landmesser reminded students that parking on campus is a privilege that can be revoked if rules are violated.

For a $15 fee, seniors will have the opportunity to secure a specific space for the year and decorate it with paint during a Senior Class fund-raiser scheduled for Saturday beginning at 10 a.m.