Norris elected SGA vice president

The votes have all been counted and junior Ashley Norris has been elected vice president of Student Government Association for the 2015-16 school year. On Monday, high-school home rooms were asked to choose between Norris and sophomore Melek Turkmen.

“I wanted to be vice president because I have lots of ideas for next year, and I wanted to be more involved,” Norris said. “I thought I’d be a good leader because I’ve had prior leadership experience like being JV dance captain and teaching a class at my studio.”

Because all of the other SGA officer positions had been previously decided, including Hannah Montgomery as president, the campaigning and rivalry was centered around the position for vice president.

“To campaign, I put up posters, made a video for the announcements and passed out stickers and buttons to people,” Norris said.

Turkmen had her aspirations set high and was disappointed with election’s outcome.

“I’ve always wanted to be an officer for SGA since middle school, and I chose vice president because I was planning to run for president next year. I thought I deserved a position because I put a lot of effort into the club and try to participate as much as possible,” Turkmen said. “Even though I lost, I think I am still going to step up to fill the available position of either communications officer or historian, so I can still be involved in the club.”

The current officers are all members of the the school’s Purrfections Dance Team.

“I’m happy that Ashley is vice president since we are best friends and work well together,” Montgomery said. “She deserves it and I know she will do a wonderful job, and I think it will be a great year for SGA.” Montgomery said.