No backpack rule aggravates students

During the last week of school, students are not permitted to bring backpacks on campus, and the enforcement of this rule grows increaslingly more unpopular with students.

“I think its ridiculous because we have to bring reviews and notecards and other supplies, but we have nowhere to put them,” sophomore Sierra Purden said.  “I always end up either losing stuff or forgetting it because its hard to keep track of things when there is nowhere to put them.”

Sophomore Keiran Sheridan also expressed frustration regrading the issue.

“It makes it really difficult to carry around all the things we are suppose to,” she said. “Teachers expect us to bring in study guides and return textbooks, but its really awkward to carry everything around.”

The policy was put in place to avoid end-of-year vandalism and disruptions.

By Bailey Coolican