NHS gives to nursing home

National Honor Society will be making homemade Valentine’s Day cards that will be sent to a local nursing home, Emeritus at Melbourne assisted living facility.

“The assistants said that the residences love candy,” sponsor Melissa Henderson said. “So the club will be providing bags of soft and diabetic candies along with the heartwarming cards.”

Members will be receiving two points for bringing in one bag of candy and two additional points for making two cards.

“We chose to make the cards for senior citizens,” President Ilana Krause said. “Because we want to make the senior citizen’s day and make them feel special on such a loving day.”

Member Rana Karycki looks forward to making the cards for the senior citizens.

“I love the idea of making cards for the elderly,” Karycki said. “I’m sure that they will be happy, knowing that we took the time to write cards for them.”