Unexpected visitor: school gym closed due to bat infiltration

The school gym was closed on Wednesday due to a bat entering the gym. No action was made to remove the bat. 

“I thought it was a crazy coincidence and a pretty funny situation,” junior Devin Haave said.

P.E. classes are being held outside until the bat is relocated.

“I need this bat gone; I like playing outside, but it’s just too hot,” Haave said. “I miss the gym, not the Batcave.”

Students and school administrators reported the bat to be occupying the gym’s ceiling and the area under the bleachers.

Once the bat is removed, junior Athan Zaiden said that there should be some sanitization before students enter the gym.

“Just to be safe, I feel like the gym should be quarantined to ensure the bat didn’t transmit any harmful bacteria it carries onto the gym that could affect us,” Zaiden said. “You can take the bat out of the cave, but you can’t take the cave out of the bat.”


By Laith Zavala