Student art on display in media center

Media center visitors are now greeted by a large reproduction of “Madame Martisse (The Green Line)” by French artist Henri Martisse. The painting depicts a woman, her face bisected by a stripe of green paint and discolored on the left side, in front of a multicolored background. It has been broken into a number of squares, which are tied together. A sign informs viewers that members of the Art Honor Society painted each square based on Martisse’s painting.

“[The painting] was done either last year or the [year] before,” media specialist Amy Franco said. “[art teacher Annamarie] Zink asked me if I wanted it.”

Martisse’s painting is one of only three art displays in the media center this week. Martisse’s painting is there to replace the Senior Project signs of commitment, which were previously displayed at the entrance.

Also displayed at the entrance is a watercolor exhibition with paintings by students, including Marissa Vega, Christine Baylen and Meagan Larson. Most of the paintings depict flowers, but Vega’s painting shows brightly-colored hot air balloons and Baylen’s focuses on a green beetle.

The third display, on the shelves by the computer area, is comprised of works by students who have emulated artist Dale Chihuly, who works with blown glass.

By Dana Brown