Sophomores to take PLAN on Nov. 3

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

All sophomores are scheduled to take the PLAN test on Nov. 3. The PLAN is a practice ACT test, much like the PSAT is to the SAT.

“The PLAN is extremely similar to the ACT,” testing coordinator Mike Drake said. “The only difference is the scaling. On the ACT, the highest you can score is a 36, but on the PLAN, it’s 32.”

Drake said the test is being administered to only sophomores and is being paid for by the school board. No other grades can register.

“I’m kind of glad I’m doing it because it should actually help us on the actual test,” sophomore Tania Martin said. “We’ll be better prepared and know what to expect.”

Sophomore Antonio Yelez, however, isn’t as enthusiastic.

“They’ve made education about a number, not what you know.” Yelez said. “It’s all about what your grade is and how high your numbers are.”

The test consists of four different parts: a grammar section, a math section, a reading section and a science section.

“Honestly, I don’t really like tests and I don’t think the PLAN is going to help any of us,” sophomore Kevin Rhodes said. “It all just sounds like a big waste of time.”

Drake said the scores for the PLAN should be in before winter break.