Senior prank fills school with foam cups

Students arriving at school this morning were surprised to find hundreds of plastic foam cups embedded in the fences and on display in the school cafeteria.

The cups, many filled with water, lined the roof above the cafeteria’s entrance, the benches outside of the cafeteria and filled the entire cafeteria except for a small walkway from a side door to the front door.

The senior prank apparently took an estimated six or seven hours to set up and was completed at night.

“We’re questioning a lot of seniors today,” Assistant Principal for Facilities Jim Melia said.” We found car keys in the cafeteria, so we’re going to find out who they belong to. They could be someone’s from this morning.”

Melia said the unapproved prank could have been by the juniors trying to frame the seniors by spelling out “I ♥ 2011” in white cups in the parking lot fence and writing “2011” in red cups in the cafeteria.

If caught, students face a five-day suspension.

Volunteers from Carol Allen’s band class and Amy McCormick’s science class helped custodians clean the cups and water during first period.

An investigation is ongoing.

By Sommer Hidy