School continues to monitor Hurricane Irene; storm likely to skirt Brevard

Julia Levy, Staff Writer

Hurricane Irene has  weakened into a Category 2 hurricane and appears to veering away from Florida’s east coast. However, forecasters have warned that the storm may strengthen into a Category 3 or 4 before moving past Brevard County. Whether or not school will be in session Friday remains unknown.

“At this point in time, we can’t really tell whether or not the storm will be heading this way,” Assistant Principal for Facilities Jim Melia said. “However, we’ve been monitoring it on an hourly basis.”

Although, the course of the storm has yet to be determined, Melia says that the school is prepared for it.

“Various things will be done in order to prepare for the storm, such as covering the computers and bringing anything loose inside,” Melia said.

Melia also said that if winds reach 30 mph or higher, schools will be forced to close because it’s dangerous for buses to cross the bridge.

“I think the whole safety thing is more important,” junior Deena Quader said. “If the whole school got a day off, it wouldn’t really affect me that much anyway.”

If Brevard County schools were to close Friday, the makeup day has been scheduled for Sept. 12 which currently has been set aside for a teacher in-service day and student holiday.