New trees arrive via beautification grant

By Riegel Spogen, Special to the Roar

Five new palms along with multiple other varieties of trees and shrubbery recently were planted on campus between Building 4 and the gymnasium thanks to a grant written by Patricia Goffinet, a parent of two West Shore students.

“We got the funding for the trees from a $2,000 grant from Keep Brevard Beautiful,” Assistant Principal Jim Melia said.

Goffinet suggested all the landscaping ideas to Principal Rick Fleming and Melia and they approved them.

“Since I’ve been here she has gotten us $8,000 to $10,000 in grants for various plantings,” Melia said.

Goffinet has had a hand in securing the majority of the shrubs and trees around the campus that have been planted within the last three to four years.

“I like trees, and I think kids should have trees around them on campus,” she said. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this for the next four years or so.”

Each year Keep Brevard Beautiful offers grants of up to a $2,000 to Brevard County schools to help keep campuses presentable.

“We’re really happy that she takes the time to investigate, write these grants and help beautify out campus,” Melia said.