Most event refunds on the way

Leighton Johnson, Staff Writer

Amid the COVID-19 panic and cancellation of events, the Senior Class has been asking one question: “What now?” Many students already have paid more than $80 for events such as “Grad Bash,” an overnight trip to Universal Orlando, and Senior Breakfast, but have not been given a clear answer of when and how the money paid for these and other canceled events will be refunded. 

“Clearly, everyone is frustrated that the events they looked forward to are gone, and we aren’t being fully refunded,” Colton Serven (12) said. “I know some circumstances can’t be planned for. I’m just hoping some of the money could be put into something over the summer.”

Senior Class sponsor Paula Ladd remains unsure as to whether all monies will be refunded.

“After talking with [Principal Rick] Fleming, we will definitely be able to give back the second payment of Grad Bash to students, which is a good start,” she said. but I’m unsure if we will be able to get back the first payment [for buses].”

School bookkeeper Kay Beach has spend the past few weeks busily processing refunds.

“I have completed all refunds for [ the Florida Scholastic Press Association] and [Health Occupations Students of American conventions], but that’s just the start,” she said. “The only issue slowing down the process is the district has switched to a new check-writing system, so now I have to track down old receipts and update student information.”