Make it Count

Rachel Montgomery, Managing Editor

As a way to have underclassmen read more, a Reading Counts incentive program has begun for seventh to ninth-graders. Students have bingo cards to fill out as they read books, and the amount that they read places them into different incentive levels, with prizes.

Seventh-grader Shane Winsten approves of the challenge.

“I love the Reading Counts program, and I think it’s a great way to start reading. I love ice cream sandwiches, and subs- Jersey Mike’s is my favorite. They picked a great way to get students to start reading. I’ve been reading tons more books since it started.”

English teacher Carrie Glass chose to take the challenge along with her students.

“I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading actual books, I miss sitting down with a paper book,” Glass said. “Offering a little bit of extra-credit when students read books and are signed off on their bingo cards —  it’s inspiring people to read a little bit more.”