Latin Club selling Mother’s Day gifts

The Latin Club is selling bags filled with candies for $3 for a Mother’s Day fund-raiser this week outside the cafeteria during Power Hour.

“They’re little decorative bags with candies in them,” freshman Bailey Wong said. “They also have plastic flowers. It’s just cute and easy to give your mom.”

Club sponsor Tim O’Flaherty  is giving each student one volunteer hour for each day spent helping make the bags.

“The Latin club students put it together,” he said. “It’s a good fund-raiser because they’re packages of little nice things you’d want to give to your mother on Mother’s Day on Sunday and it’s not a lot of cost up front.”

The club is holding this fund-raiser to replace monies depleted from attending the recent the Latin State Forum.

“We spent everything, and now we don’t have any money to cover the events we have planned for the next year,” Wong said.

The Latin Club held a similar event just before Halloween and brought in a substantial amount of money then, but that has not been the case with this event.

“I don’t know why, but we aren’t selling as many bags as I hoped we would,” O’Flaherty said. “Either we over-priced the bags, or nobody likes their mother this year.” 

By Sirish Ojha and Krystal Macom