Global arts on display at tonight’s banquet fund-raiser

National Art Honor Society is busy putting the final touches on tonight’s Global Arts Banquet.

“It is 5 to 7 p.m. in the cafeteria,” NAHS sponsor Annamarie Zink said. “It will have awesome food with an exhibit of art from around the world.”

The price is $1 per serving and $1 per drink.

“The money will fund for beautification in the triangle area between the art, gym, and locker room area, as well as for UNICEF,” Zink said.

NAHS President Alex Deavers says she’s proud of the exhibit’s breadth.

“There will be eight different countries the art will be from,” she said. “ The art will be from Russia, Thailand, Ireland, India, China, Spain and Italy.”

Students art will be displayed as well.

By Lauren Dietl