Future Problem Solvers score big

On Feb. 18 both middle school and high school teams competed at the Future Problem Solving competition. The middle school team placed first while the high school teams placed first and third.  Senior Ilana Krause coached the teams that participated in the event.

The middle school team included, Samantha N., Wesley D., Iksha H., Dirya Reddy., Fatima H., Sophia N., Calista F., Phi D., KarlyH., and LeeAnn B.

The first place high school team consists of sophomore Katy Johnson, Srimayi Tenali, Emma Kent and junior Megan Turingan.

“It felt good to win because we didn’t go into the competition with a goal of what to place except for that we wanted to beat Melbourne High School,” Johnson said. “To prepare for this we worked individually and research all the material prior to the competition. At the event, it was our second time meeting together as a whole.”

The third place high school team included sophomore Elianna Cooper, Lily Tzou, Daphna Krause and Melissa Hubberman.

“I have competed in FPS competitions since I was in sixth-grade,” Hubberman said. “To me it doesn’t really matter what place we get as long as we qualify for states, which we did. We had morning meetings weekly and did a lot of research about surveillance society because that was the topic for the past competition. For it to go well, one has to be critical and have memorized a lot of information.”