Canopy construction set to begin in late May

Plans for building the new $113,430 canopy over the school’s courtyard area are being put into action.

“The fans, lights, electric outlets, and other things all have been ordered. It’s becoming a reality,” Assistant Principal for Facilities Jim Melia said.

Construction is scheduled to begin in late May following exams.

As of now, plans to use the covered courtyard as an additional lunch area remain up in the air.

“It all depends on if we have enough tables for everyone,” Melia said. “Plus, if the kids don’t treat [the canopy] right and throw their trash on the ground, they’re not going to be allowed to eat lunch under [the canopy].”

Even without the promise of a new lunch-eating environment, sophomore Jackie Martin is looking forward to the addition because it will allow the school more freedom for planning outdoor activities, as it will reduce the impact of inclement weather.

“I think it’ll be a major help for the school,” Martin said. “International Fiesta and other outdoor activities next year will be so much more fun.”

Funds to build the canopy were raised through donations from parents and area businesses.

By Riegel Spogen