Beginning reporters write personality profiles

Journalism 1 students have been randomly assigned a person from throughout the school and are writing personality profiles on them.

“I don’t know the freshman girl I got, so I am kind of nervous,” sophomore Sophia Neutzman said. “At the same time I am excited because I know  I could make a friend out of this whole situation.”

Finding profile subjects the beginning reporters don’t already know for the assignment is one of the key purposes of assignment. The reporters also are supposed to learn that everybody has a story.

“There are no boring people, only boring storytellers,” teacher Mark Schledorn said in class.

Neutzman’s assigned person is freshman Maddie McCluskey.

“When Sophia asked if she could write about me, I felt weird because I feel like I have nothing to talk about, but I am willing to participate and help her out for sure,” McCluskey said.

The personality profiles are due this Friday and the best ones will appear on The Roar website to allow the rest of the school to get to know more about some of their fellow classmates.

By Kelly Batache