New NHS members get acclimated

After inductions, members of the National Honor Society are preparing for upcoming projects including the Random Acts of Kindness.

“It’s a great feeling to see new NHS members every year,” sponsor Melissa Henderson said. “You get to build a relationship with them and, before you know it, they’ve gone off to college to do better things.”

On Nov. 13, the new members were officially announced at the ceremony. They are: Tyler Adams, Kelly Batache, Jennifer Mary Billhartz, Jenna Bratman, Jake Bursk, Austin Camps, ClaraI. Felic Castor, Moses Chavez- Gray, Ezinne Chukwunenye, Herbert Coard, Nicole Conde, Jaida Condo, Maria (Luisa) Delahoz, Noel De Los Angeles, Ian Dillon, Alexa Eenhuis, Lonyee Eng, Alyssa I. Feliciano, Alyssa S. Feliciano, Danielle Ferretti, Josie Flickinger, Nina Fusco, Grant Gibson, Maximillian Girard, Matthew Green, Savannah Green, Safdar Hassan, Christian Hayes, Aakilah Hernandez, Allie Kellner, Katelyn Kent, Elizabeth Marrin, Megan Mateosky, Helen Mcsorley, Colin Moor, Jessica Peterson, Brandon Rabel, Juan Rodriguez, Jamison Rushnell, Amornrat Swawangkum, Christopher Schaefer, Angela Seibert, Nicole Topp, Brooke Townsend, Melek Turkmen, Reeder Ward, and Brianna Youhana.

“I expect to help out in events and do volunteer work with the Honor Society or whatever is entailed,” sophomore Moses Chavez- Gray said.

Members are advised to check Edline for upcoming events and ways to earn points. The first “challenge” is to write three generic thank-you letters to teachers. However, not all members agree with the emphasis on Edline.

“I don’t really use Edline to check for opportunities for points because there’s a Facebook group that I get notifications for,” junior Ashlyn Kellner said. “I don’t get notifications for the Edline page so I never know when it’s been updated.

For more information on National Honor Society, visit Henderson in Room 4- 203.

By Juan Rodriguez