New leader in guidance

As the second term came to an end, guidance clerk Dixie Thompson left West Shore to work at Satellite High School. As a result, the guidance department had to find a new person to fill the position. At the beginning of second semester the guidance department obtained a new guidance clerk, Brenda Kloeppel.

“Before I came to West Shore I worked at Viera High School as the front office clerk,” Kloeppel said. “When I first came to West Shore I realized how small it is, and that everyone I have met has awesome. I really didn’t have training before taking on this position, but I worked as the guidance clerk for some sporadic reasons here and there. When I first arrived Ms. Lisa Kratz, the assistant principle, helped me to get adjusted to the West Shore life.”

Guidance counselor Spero Tshontikidis explained what the guidance clerk does.

“The main job that the guidance clerk does is to input data into the computer,” Tshontikidis said. “They would input the BCC schedules, and the schedules for West Shore and any class changes. They also hold onto the seniors; college transcripts, which are very important.”

By Stone Kershaw