New college application process affects juniors

Florida State University and the University of Florida have started a new system that requires applicants to send in all of their high-school courses and the grade received to a website instead of having their schools send in transcripts. FSU and UF say the system is more efficient and “shifts the burden of data entry to the student.” This new process will begin with this year’s juniors.

“This is the first I’m hearing of this and it sounds like it’s going to be really nerve-racking,” junior Allan Joyner said. “It’s definitely going to make the application processes more difficult because I don’t remember all the classes I’ve taken. It’s also going to be a lot of pressure because I don’t want to accidently put in the wrong grade or class and have that affect my application.”

Junior Class sponsor Jill Whitacre said the change won’t be a big deal.

“I have great faith in this class,” Whitacre said. “This is a extremely involved class. They step up to the challenge for everything. I have confidence that if they really want to go there and it takes more work to do it, they’ll do it.”

By Erin Ryan