NEHS unveils ambitious plans

The National English Honor Society has big hopes for this upcoming year.

“We are hopefully planning some field trips and a few service projects as well,” club sponsor Carrie Glass said. “We hope to accomplish a mail project for servicemen overseas and a book drive as well.”

The club is even planning to put on evening activities on campus.

“I’m really excited about our Apples To Apples tournament,” Glass said.

Last year Glass inherited the club from a former teacher.

“We didn’t know how to really run the club last year, so I spent a lot of time researching about what other schools do and how they run their clubs and got a lot of really great ideas for this year.”

Senior Peyton Oller, who is on the committee for NEHS, is also looking forward to the approaching year.

“I’m most excited about doing more public events and helping our community.”

If you would like to join, talk to Mrs. Glass in room 2-201 as soon as possible.

By Luisa De La Hoz