NASA wifi technology arrives on campus

NASA recently has teamed up with West Shore on a new project that broadcasts a wifi signal though classroom lighting.

Assistant Principal of  facilities, Catherine Halbuer said she’s excited for this new partnership.

“We are the pilot school for this project,” Halbuer said. “We will be getting state-of-the-art technology in [science teacher] Paula Ladd’s classroom and Mary Anderson’s room.

Sophomore Alexa Carlos is also excited for the new so-called LIFI project.

“NASA is leading the technology that will emit wifi, but it comes from the lights,” Carlos said.”It’s really cool because you can alter how bright the lights are.”

The system already has been installed in Ladd’s room.

“The lights have been placed in Ladd’s room,” Halbuer said. “We are just waiting for our IT guys and NASA’s IT guys to get together and make it work.”

By Sarah Edmiston