NaNo mostly no-go for busy participants

National Novel Writing Month, more commonly known as NaNoWriMo, recently wrapped up another writing challenge.  In 2010, more than 200,000  people signed up and more than 2.8 billion words were written. Figures for the November event have yet to be released.

But while people around the world worked to complete the 50,000 word challenge, student participants found the task difficult.

“It was a lot harder this year because I had so much more work,” junior Mary Gerlach said.

Freshman Emma Kalvan said she was unable to participate this year due to her school work load.

“I think I’m in negative NaNo,” she said, “I’m pretty sure I’ve lost whatever I tried to work on last year.”

Junior Lauren Gorewitz attempted NaNo for the first time this year, but also didn’t complete the challenge.

“Everyone started out with a strict writing schedule and said they were going to get 50,000 years and nope, it didn’t happen,” Gorewitz said.

Said freshman Liz Schmidt: “Honestly, I had more written for my story before I started NaNo. I think I went backwards.”

However, she remained hopeful.

“Someday I will do NaNo and I will finish it,” Schmidt said.

Gerlach said she will continue to participate in NaNo despite this year’s results.

“It’s still a really fun experience,” Gerlach said. “I’m still going to try next year.”

By Sara-Renee Weatherby