NAHS announces new officers

New officers have been elected for National Art Honor Society’s coming year. The president elect is Deena Quader, vice president is Gift Sawangkum, Secretary is Matthew Greathouse, Treasurer Rhianna Stone, Historian Sarah Kinsey and Press Representative Jessica Blanco.

These officers will be serving under the new art teacher for next year, Matthew Henderson.

“I’m really glad to have gotten this office, but I’m going to miss Mrs. Zink so much,” Quader said.

The officers will be working to complete more beautification projects as NAHS did this year, in addition to bringing their own new ideas.

“We haven’t talked specifics yet, but we’ll hopefully get a lot of cool stuff going in our club next year,” Kinsey said .

Though she won’t be supervising, Zink said NAHS they will succeed in its future endeavors.

“I made West Shore’s National Art Honor Society the strong organization that it is,” she said. “These new officers will help Mr. Henderson keep it strong.”

By Maegan Muir