Musicians come up short at All-State

For the first time since Band Director Carol Allen arrived on campus seven years ago, no band students — in advanced band or wind ensemble — made the All-State Band.

Five students — seniors Ethan Miles, Nicole Marmol and Robert Edmiston, sophomore Kevin Baylen and eighth-grader Jake B. — auditioned for the band in September and recently learned they would not be a part of the prestigious band, which forms in early 2013.

Jake B. made the best of his experience.

“I kind of knew I wouldn’t make [the band], anyway,” he said, adding that he will have to work hard to make All-State next year, especially because he will be moving into the more difficult ninth- and 10th-grade level.

“I will definitely work on my scales more for next year,” he said, of the demanding musical skills that are tested at the auditions. “I thought I did pretty well on the excerpts in my audition this year.”

Allen said she feels as if her students were at a disadvantage at the All-State auditions.

“We have some phenomenal students who play flute, which is twice as much competition as any other instrument in the band,” Allen said. “Mainly, because so many people play [flute].”

All-State is a cycle of trial and error, Allen said. If someone doesn’t make the band the first year, he or she will practice for the next time around. She said one of her students went through the same cycle.

“Dylan Morrongiello, he graduated last year, auditioned for All-State three times before finally making it,” Allen said. “I think we have some kids starting to try out and start that cycle this year. We will definitely have some kids making it next year.”

Allen pointed out that All-County auditions are around the corner and are a chance for redemption.

“I think [the students] will do well this year at All-County,” she said. “The All-State results shouldn’t affect it at all.”

The 2012 All-County Band included two of the students who auditioned for All-State: Nicole Marmol and Ethan Miles, who will also audition for the 2013 All-County Band next Tuesday, along with other advanced band and wind ensemble members.

By Katie Garwood