Murphy’s celebrity banquet canceled

World history teacher Kirk Murphy’s traditional celebrity banquet has been canceled because of not having enough time to hold it.

“With learning all the new classes, it was just too busy to try and do,” Murphy said.

The annual banquet project consisted of five main parts for students: choosing a historic person to portray, answering questions about that person, creating a collage and 12-line biography poem, dressing in character for the banquet, and finally, presenting a speech.

Students were required to choose a figure from the 20th century who had some historic impact. Certain people — such as Adolph Hitler — were deemed off limits.

During the celebrity-roast banquet, students shared food and laughs while learning about important people in history.

“It was fun,” said sophomore Cheney Hess, who participated last year. “I thought that is was a good way to show off all the work that you had done and what you had learned about your person.”

News of the banquet’s cancellation saddened senior Jimmy Carroll.

“It is a loss of a great learning experience,” he said. “It shows students the impact a person can have on the world.”

By Shilo Toland