Mu Alpha Theta members disappointed with scores

Sorrow and distress struck the hearts of Mu Alpha Theta members as the results for the first Florida Math League test recently came back. To the surprise of many members, they didn’t score as high as they would have liked.

“I normally do pretty decent but this time, I scored a 1/6,” senior Kelsi Minter said. “I was completely shocked when I got the results back.”

Minter went on to express a distaste for the some of the questions posed by the test.

“Honestly, they were the stupidest questions I’ve ever seen,” Minter said. “Most of the time they’re pretty straightforward and you can tell what they are asking but this time, the questions were horribly worded and I didn’t know what they wanted me to do.”

Junior member Jack Zhao appeared pessimistic about the upcoming Florida Math League tests due to his results on the first test.

“I scored a 3/6 which definitely could have been a lot better,” he said. “I feel like most of the time, I score well on these tests but this one was just really confusing. If the next tests are like this one, then maybe a 3/6 is the best I will score this year.”

Minter said the team is exploring ways to improve its next score.

“I want all the math clout that comes with getting a 6/6 so I think for the next test, so I’m going to take it pretty seriously,” Minter said. “I’m not going to roll over and die if I get another bad score, but I would certainly like to improve.”

Zhao said team members remain enthusiastic for what awaits them.

“Regardless of these Florida Math League scores we still have a lot more planned for Mu Alpha Theta this year,” Zhao said. “We have other math competitions like AMC that we can score better on and maybe even T-shirts to put Mrs. Nery’s face on.”

By Jackson Stradtmann