MS boys stymie Space Coast

Dave Foster, Staff Writer

David T. scored 15 points and added 12 rebounds in the middle school two-quarter playing limit to lead the Wildcats past Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School 56-30 Tuesday night. The rest of his team matched his efforts as 13 of the 16 players on the team scored and all had significant contributions. West Shore now stands at 3-2 with both losses coming to division rival Edgewood.

Team defense led the way. The Wildcats’ full-court press made it difficult for the Vipers to cross half court without a turnover. Their first bucket came with 2:42 off a fast break 3-pointer, after West Shore already had scored 15 points. Up 36-9 by halftime the Wildcats were in full control of the game.

“It was a big team win as we dominated from the very start,” Coach Greg Buttrick said.

The Wildcat’s dominance came through hard work, led by eight grader David T. Described as a “scrapper” by his coach, David T. stopped at nothing to help his team secure its victory in Tuesday night’s game. During the second quarter after scoring consecutive buckets for his team, David led the charge on the full-court press, losing his shoe in the heat of the battle; however this didn’t stop David. He left his shoe in the backcourt and continued to play defense and had no concern of his shoe. It was only returned after he refused to sub out and a player off the bench retrieved his shoe for him so he wouldn’t miss a minute of action.

The Wildcats next play on the road versus the Cocoa Beach Minutemen on Thursday night.

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ names on district web sites.