‘Mockingbird’ set for two Saturday shows

The theater department is preparing to perform “To Kill a Mockingbird” on Saturday with shows scheduled for 2 p.m and 7 p.m in the auditorium.

The play is set in Alabama during the Depression and a little girl nicknamed Scout serves as the narrator. Her father, Atticus Finch, is a lawyer with high moral standards in a era and culture where social standing counts for everything.

“I am extremely happy to be a part of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,” junior Jason Nemeroff said. “I have been doing plays at West Shore since middle school, and I believe that this play will be one of our best performances.”

Nemeroff added that this week has been rather stressful because he had to attend rehearsals after school and still manage to complete his homework.

According to theater director Maureen Fallon, all parents and students are invited to the performance.

By Gabriel Aragon