‘Minecraft Earth’ drawing strong reviews

Earlier this year, Mojang announced its new game, “Minecraft Earth,” and since then the hype for its release has been nothing short of resounding. Players were able to sign up to be a part of the beta testing program, where they’d have access to the game before its complete release, and test some features and report back to the developers. Those who’ve been granted the title of a beta tester have had mostly good things to say about the game.

“It’s really fun to play and is similar to Pokemon Go where you can use your camera and kind of make the game come to life,” Zane Korhfage (10) said. “I’ve enjoyed it so far and I think it’s going to be a really popular game once it comes out completely.” 

Viera High senior Ethan Roeper also has had access to the game’s beta version.

“I’m not sure what I was expecting from the game, but it’s definitely fun to play and a really unique thing that I’ve personally never seen before,” he said. “I mostly play it when I’m bored at school or just sitting around at home, so it can be a fun pass time when there’s nothing else to do.” 

The game still has no official release date, but it’s been scheduled to roll out before the year is over, which means there’s only a little over a month to wait if the developers stick to their plan.

By Christian Collins